7 Essential Power Tools You Need to Own

essential power tools

On average, homeowners should set aside between 1-4% of their home’s total purchase cost as annual maintenance and repair budget. This allocation covers the cost of actual repairs and for the purchase of various power tools, which come in handy when undertaking DIY maintenance procedures. 

Most homes require scheduled maintenance every so often. However, in some cases, the need to adjust a hinge here or to drill a screw there can be a matter of urgency. With modern essential power tools completing construction projects or repairs around the home shouldn’t worry you.

Are you wondering what essential power tools you should invest in for any future construction or repair needs in your house? Check this list for seven critical power tools you must have. 

1. Cordless Drill Driver  

No construction or repair process within your home is complete without a drill. With the rapid development in technology, cordless drills are now available at relatively affordable prices. 

With a cordless drill, drilling holes or turning screws and bolts is no longer a big deal. If you consider how often you improvise when putting up a shelf, then you’ll realize the usefulness of a cordless power drill.

You can quickly drill and hammer into bricks with this drill. Cordless drills are also useful when drilling into drywall, wood, or other soft materials without causing damages. 

2. Jigsaw 

When undertaking various home-related construction projects, you may need to cut different shapes to fit into varying designs. Professionals too, require a power tool that enhances flexibility when reducing lines and patterns on wood.  Are you wondering if there are essential power tools that can do all these?

Well, the jigsaw is your best bet. A jigsaw can help you cut a wide range of shapes and make circular patterns. 

This power tool has incredible ease of use and is comfortable to the hand. You can change the blades and adjust the position of the jigsaw without much of a hassle. 

Before settling for a jigsaw, you should consider features such as the splinter guards, the ability to collect dust, and the quality of the blades.

3. Palm Sander 

The use of sandpaper and bare hands to smoothen surfaces is archaic and tedious. If you’ve not heard about palm sanders, then you need to grab a seat and follow. Most modern palm sanders use sandpapers with hooks and loops that peel and stick to apply.  

You only need to turn the sander on and get on with the sanding job. This essential power tool uses electricity, which makes it a favorite for homeowners and professionals undertaking small and medium-sized projects. If you have the experience of sanding the old-fashioned way, then you’ll appreciate this tool.

4. Circular Saw

You’ll need to cut circular shapes at some point in the course of undertaking home repairs or construction projects. Modern power circular saws have a handle on top, which has a power switch. Most up-to-the-minute circular saws have handheld options and weigh below 3.7 lbs. 

The handheld circular saw has a sawing depth of 0.8 inches. With two vacuum cleaner connectors and two blades, this tool will undoubtedly solve your sawing needs. 

5. Paint Sprayer Is among the Must-Have Essential Power Tools  

What is home repair and maintenance without a little paint? Well, painting for many is also therapeutic on top of sprucing up your home’s ambiance. Using traditional paint and brush when painting crafts or other fancy creations affects the outcome negatively. 

With a handheld paint sprayer, you can move quickly around the house as you marvel at the extent of portability. This fantastic essential power tool is useful when painting or repainting the dresser, kitchen cabinets, or shelves.

You have the option of using a range of thick and thin paints with this power tool.   With this paint sprayer coating a newly constructed fence or giving your mailbox, a facelift is now possible.

6. The Hammer Drill 

The hammer drill accomplishes everything the traditional drill was unable to achieve. Most recent home renovations initiatives utilize the hammer drill due to the unique ability to bust up concrete. You no longer have to worry about driving nails into harder material considering the usefulness of the hammer drill

The hammer drill has a moderate weight, which makes it portable. As such, you don’t need to search for an electric outlet when using this essential power tool when working on the exterior of your house. However, the hammer drills have valuations when it comes to power. 

You need to ensure that you consider the power capacity before settling for a hammer drill. To achieve this, you only need to source products from the best outlets to ensure you get quality.

7. Reciprocating Electric Saw

The need to have a powerful tool that can cut both wood and metal is real, especially when undertaking moderate home repair projects. It’s no longer plausible to cut wood or steel manually, given the time-bound nature of most home construction projects. But with a reciprocating electric saw, with a wattage of 710W and a moderate weight of 4.6 lbs, this is no longer a concern. 

When you buy a reciprocating electric saw, you’ll have four blade saws that can cut both wood and metal. You’ll also have the added advantage of a hex key, which you can use to drive bolts and screws. This means that you not only get to benefit from powerful cutting tools, but you also get the benefit of a tool that can drive bolts. 

These Automated Essential Power Tools Are All You Need 

Home repairs and medium-scaled renovations are a standard part of many homeowners’ budgets. Whether you are fixing new kitchen cabinets or painting your dresser, this list of seven essential power tools is all you need to undertake any home-related DIY project. You only need to visit our shops for any essential power tool you need. 

Contact us if you are looking for quality professional repair tools.

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